Building Houses For The Homeless

Homeless in San Diego Ginger Hitzke and Carol.jpg

On this episode of 'Homeless in San Diego: Real People, Real Stories,' host Greg Anglea, CEO of Interfaith Community Services, is joined by Ginger Hitzke, low-income housing developer and owner of Hitzke Development Corporation. With a long-standing passion for helping the homeless, Ginger and her team build affordable housing units across San Diego County, as well as supportive housing units for formerly homeless individuals looking to get rehoused.

Ginger also introduces her guest, friend, and co-worker Carol: a San Diego native who found herself homeless for the first time earlier this year. Carol shares her physical and emotional struggles with homelessness, and details how she received multiple tickets for "illegal lodging" while laying down in a sleeping bag behind Home Depot. Carol and Ginger also recount their journey from strangers, to friends, to colleagues and how today, Ginger is living and working at a Hitzke Development property in Lemon Grove with what she calls a second chance at life.

Calls to Action:

  • Reach out to your local elected officials to advocate for more housing in your city; set a calendar reminder for March 1st and send them an email

  • Support local measures that create more affordable housing

  • Donate in-kind items to organizations such as Crisis House and Interfaith Community Services (click here for a current “needs list”)