All It Takes Is One Person to Care

Gary Warth, San Diego Union Tribune

Gary Warth, San Diego Union Tribune

On this episode of ‘Homeless in San Diego: Real People, Real Stories,’ host Greg Anglea, CEO of Interfaith Community Services is joined by Gary Warth of the San Diego Union Tribune. Warth shares his unique perspective about the stories and issues surrounding homelessness. The purpose of their discussion was to share insight into the realities some people face while experiencing homelessness as well as help listeners be more educated and informed about what’s taking place in our communities.

One of Warth’s goals as a journalist investigating a story is to understand what homeless people need rather than allowing committee members to make decisions for them. For example, he spoke with a woman in her mid-60s. She has a five page resume and wants to work, but fears not being able to find a job because she cannot access a shower and does not have clean clothes. Another man said he waits in line at 4am to use a public shower with a hundred other people and only half in line may get to use it.

Warth also gave insight into the daily lives of several homeless veterans and their success stories. He shared that homeless people are capable of changing their lives in major, incredible ways and shared inspirational stories about their journeys from the streets to stability and how they are now in a place to help others.

Another topic Warth and Anglea discussed was the impact that one person can have on another person’s life, especially by their outreach efforts. All it takes is one person to care about someone to motivate great changes.

This week’s podcast is a great way to understand the current issues surrounding homelessness within our San Diego community, gain more insights into their daily lives, inspire kindness, and to help listeners become more educated and informed.

Calls to Action:

  • If a listener has a story that’s worth sharing, reach out to Gary to learn more about available resources. Contact Gary at: | Phone: (760) 529-4939.

  • Read what Gary is writing to learn more about the stories he shares that are informative and eye-opening.

  • Get involved in agencies, make donations, and Gary recommends that people stay educated about the work going on in their community.

  • Reach out to Interfaith to see how you can help through donations to help end and prevent homelessness this year.