Love Thy Neighbor

Rabbi Castiglione and Greg Anglea at the recording studio

Rabbi Castiglione and Greg Anglea at the recording studio

On this special episode of 'Homeless in San Diego: Real People, Real Stories,' host Greg Anglea, CEO of Interfaith Community Services, welcomes Rabbi David Castiglione. Rabbi Castiglione is a board member of Interfaith and Rabbi of Temple Adat Shalom, where Interfaith first started 40 years ago. Here to shed light on the recent events in Chabad of Poway, Rabbi Castiglione and Greg hope to bring an alternative message against the negativity around these tragic events.

During the events at Chabad of Poway, Rabbi Castiglione and Greg were only a few blocks away attending morning services at Temple Adat Shalom. When word came in of the shooting, the meeting they were having about Interfaith’s work was interrupted and the discussion about the importance of looking after your fellow neighbor was stopped. Everyone was told that it was best to side with safety and leave, but in that moment, something rang in the hearts of the attended. In what Rabbi Castiglione could only call, “an affirmation of religion,” instead of leaving and looking after themselves, everyone decided to further discuss the different ways they could help in these circumstances. They decided to side with compassion.

In that spirit, Rabbi Castiglione and Greg Anglea want to make special Calls to Action:

  • “Deed goes along with creed”

    Please give us a call at (760) 618-6811. We want to hear your messages about your good deeds. Tell us what you decide to do to bring light and love to our world. We will be sharing those stories in future episodes.

  • “I want you to love”

    Rabbi Castiglione says it’s easy to bring ourselves to see the young man as an incarnation of evil. Instead look at the human being that he still is and see the potential that was robbed from him. The most important thing you could do is to look at those difficult situations with love.

  • Attend the next General Membership Meeting - Diversity of Faiths: Wednesday June 19th, 11:00 am at the Betty & Melvin Cohn Center, 550 W Washington Ave, Escondido, CA 92025.

  • Join us a week before at the Betty & Melvin Cohn Center for our June 12th event celebrating 40 years of Interfaith community service.

  • Learn more about Temple Adat Shalom and stay tuned for more information on the Walk for Love.