Go Out and Smile

On this episode of 'Homeless in San Diego: Real People, Real Stories,' host Greg Anglea, CEO of Interfaith Community Services, welcomes Robert and Judy. Here to share their story of overcoming alcoholism, they actually have a special connection to our organization. Now happily married and successful business owners, once upon a time they first met at Interfaith!

Robert and Judy would have never imagined they would be in the position they are today. Years ago, Robert was suffering from alcoholism, caught up in the musician’s lifestyle, while Judy was a recent divorcee drinking away the pain of a failing marriage. After alcoholism severely crippled their life, they found a sense of peace and safety at Interfaith. They entered our addiction recovery services and graduated the programs; ensuring their path to regaining their lives. Now, fully sober and continuing their business ventures, they are enjoying life and awaiting Robert’s new position as a member on Interfaith’s board of directors. Glad to have you Robert!

Calls to Action:

  • Please give us a call at (760) 618-6811. We want to hear your messages about your good deeds. Tell us what you do to bring love to our world. We will be sharing those stories in future episodes.

  • See Us in Action : On June 12th, Interfaith will be celebrating our 40-year anniversary. In an effort to showcase our service center’s operations, we will be opening our doors to you for a walkthrough of our facilities. Learn more about our Appreciation Event on our website.

  • Detox Rocks: Make sure to go support Robert’s band The Blackouts at the 3rd Annual Detox Rocks Benefiting First Step House of North County.

  • Sungold Soaps: Learn more about Judy’s extraordinary hand-crafted soaps company by visiting their website.

  • Balloon Guru:  Learn more about Robert’s balloon company by visiting their website.

  • Get Involved: Volunteer your services to help those who need it most. Learn more about how you can volunteer by visiting our website.

  • Smile: Be kind. Reach out to your fellow neighbor. It may go a long way.