A Salute to Good Endings

Marlon and Greg in the studio

Marlon and Greg in the studio

On the season finale of 'Homeless in San Diego: Real People, Real Stories,' host Greg Anglea, CEO of Interfaith Community Services, welcomes Marlon Blue. Marlon is a Navy veteran from New Jersey. After serving for 20 years and being deployed to San Diego, he was able to retire in 2012. Yet, after being affected by an identity fraud scam, he was forced to come out of retirement and struggled financially. Fortunately, after connecting with someone who referred him to Interfaith, he was able to receive the right job training to put his life back on course.

Today, Marlon is doing a lot for himself and his community. He is the founder and owner of his own business, Blue Sky Enterprise (BSE) Security Services. He actively employs veterans and refers them to job training opportunities; all while taking the first steps to establish his own non-profit. Named LOV (Love Our Veterans), Marlon plans on building a veterans home for young and old vets to help one another achieve success.

Call to Actions:

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  • Treat People with Respect – Speak to one another like brothers and sisters and we’ll all go a long way.

  • You Can Do Anything You Put Your Mind To – If you put your mind to it, and not let anyone put you down, you can do anything.

  • Put Money Aside – Take it from Marlon, if you’re active duty, put a little something aside for the 6 months after finishing your deployment. You never know how much it could help.

  • Be That Person for Someone– For Marlon, veterans job training programs supported his path to success. Visit VVSD’s website and Interfaith’s website for more information on these programs.

  • Contact Marlon Directly:

    Phone: (619) 368-3119 or at Marlon’s Linkedin

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